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Afta has been active since 1989 as an independent advisor and supplier of industrial tapes and adhesives. Ranging from simple box sealing tapes to permanent high quality sealants, we have the solution to your adhesive problems. Afta started as a 3M product distributor and now has the experience, knowledge and inventory of many other manufacturers. 


"We only deliver products which we back 100%"


There is a solution to every problem. Whether it be a standard (already implemented) solution or a custom solution to fit your specific adhesive needs, we will sit down and work together with you to discuss the opportunities. Tapes are now being used more than ever. Where in the past materials were welded,punched, stapled or nailed, now they are held together by adhesives. Out of an engineering perspective more and more traditional connections are now being replaced with VHB-tapes which provides a greater freedom of design. Another advantage is the efficiency of which tapes can be placed without a lot of the waste of more traditional forms.


Afta has the tapes and adhesives of all major manufacturers, which means we can provide objective and independent advice. Our core business revolves around our clients. Everything from advice to delivery and invoicing: we know what it is you expect from us and we always endeavor to surpass those expectations. Having been an active player within this branche for many years means we have the knowledge and expertise. Through remaining small we are able to provide a flexible service at a competitive price to both major industries and small businesses throughout The Netherlands and abroad.


News: In mid-2018 Afta BV took over the activities of material.nl. More information about this expansion of our range and services will follow. 


News: a new logo!


News: a new entity is created to advise and help clients with customized solutions and assembly if related to tapes & adhesives.


News: The Corona crisis has made society realize that protection is needed in the form of a splash screen or a cough screen. We use our lasers to quickly deliver customized cough screens. By clicking on the logo of hoestscherm.nl you enter our webshop for this.








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