Below are a few of the applications in which tape plays a major role.

Tape rolls further than your kitchen drawer!


Paper Manufacturing & Printing

Since AFTA started, we have been fortunate enough to include major paper production facilities and printing businesses to our client base. In close liaison with these clients our products help provide amongst others the roll change. Changeover becomes limited and through constant innovation and quality control we are able to increase the speed of transit.

We are also able to supply friskets which adhere to the printing press and tapes which are applied for finishing the product. Examples are crêpe tapes, transfer tapes en mounting tapes.



Aluminium and lead based tapes are widely used in radiology.


Metal & Machines Industry

More and more metal processing companies are now using tapes and adhesives in stead of the traditional ponsing, welding and nailing. Easy application and excellent properties are some of the main reasons for this transfer.


Advertising & Promotions

Transfer tape and Foam tape are commonly used tapes in the graphic industry. VHB tape & Dual Lock systems are now widely used as well. Advertisements and promotions have to be able to endure many things like sun and rain and must be made to withstand these influences. In shops however, they must be able to be replaced.


Interior- & Expo

Both permanent and temporary bonds are created in the interior and expo branches. This to create a "clean" finish. Because an exhibition stand will have to be made to fit into different spaces, using our solutions can provide a quick, clean and esthetically nice manner of working. Mounting tapes are commonly used for permanent bonds and re sealing systems are used for bonds which need to open and close many times e.g. panelling. Carpetting is also important as when removed, no adhesive resiue is to be left behind. We can help you find the perfect tape for this as well. The competition floors of BSW Weert are bonded before every game with AFTA tapes!


Window Decorations & Blinds

A wide variey of tapes are used with the manufacturing of blinds and decorations. Also Magnets and Dual Lock is used to place temporary insect-protection in windows.



Even in construction people know how to find AFTA. Duct tapes, mounting tapes, sealants, sealing tapes and adhesives for concrete repairs are but a few which are used to assist in the construction proccess. 

For both the production and application of insulation materials, we offer you the right tapes and adhesives.

We also supply a complete range of tapes for airtight construction, which are often available from stock.


Led Production / Electronics composition

The use of Thermal Conductive Tapes is a very efficient way to dissipate heat from the LED to the Heat Sink. The lifespan of your LED is thus extended. These tapes are used in various W/mK's (up to 3.0 W/mK). The tape thickness varies from 0.25mm to 2.00mm thick to ensure connection.


Structural Glazing / Structural Cladding

3M™ VHB™ Structural Glazing Tapes and 3M™ VHB™ Architectural Panel Tapes are durable, high performance two-sided pressure sensitive acrylic foam tapes. These tapes are used for many applications in the construction and architectural industry including: bonding glass to metal frames in curtain wall systems and commercial windows; attachment of stiffeners and perimeter clips to architectural panels; exterior building cladding; and interior panel and trim attachment. In many situations, these tapes replace liquid adhesives, sealants, rivets, welds and other permanent fasteners. Both tapes provide immediate handling strength during fabrication resulting in increased throughput and quicker delivery/installation/occupancy.


In coorporation with 3M, we can offer garantee by implementing Structural Glazing / Structural Cladding Procedures. This offers not only increased throughput, but also a garantee not only for the product (certified Tape for project x), but also for guarantee for your application. Please contact us when you have a project that needs this certification.








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