Custom Products

Printed Box Sealing Tapes

We can have box sealing tapes printed to your wishes in one or two colours or full colour. 


Die Cuts

Tape is normally delivered as a roll, however we can be of service by developing with you a die cut to free your employees from cutting and trimming. This provides a more professional end result as all cuts are exactly the same. Likewise, it also enables you to apply an adhesive to the entire surface of the materials. Small series can be converted by laser.


Magneetband / Metaalband

Magnetic tape with adhesive are available in both A- & B-poles. We also have white Metal tape to combine with. Both tapes are equipped with an adhesive layer (Foam or Pet) , so that something can be mounted. 


Route labels

New in our assortment are so called route labels or transport labels. These are labels which, predominentely in the  food industry, are applied to provide a form of identification on the crate withour leaving any adhesive residue. The pre fabricated label can be stuck to the crate where you can add a sticker or written text. Before the crate is then washed, you can remove the label without leaving any of the adhesives behind.


Special Compositions

Despite the thousands of tapes our manufacturers deliver, we will every now and then come across a challenge where we have to combine and test different compositions before implenting them.






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