Laser Converting


Here in Echt we have our own laser machine capable of making custom products for our clients. Often double coated tapes are cut to custom shapes to maximize adhesion and lower labor costs. Besides adhesion, a VHB tape for example can also provide an liquid tight closure between two materials. Until now, this has only been able to be achieved through traditional die cuts. This method however has only been worthwhile for large quantities. Through innovation and new technologies it is now also possible and worthwhile to produce these die cuts in smaller quantities.

Where a client in the past was confronted with costs for making a cutting die, these same clients can now have their products produced simply by sending us a .DXF file.


Laser cutting is especially interesting for clients wishing small quantities however for design alterations in the engineering and prototyping phase, it is indispensible.


A few of the advantages are:
- Small series or a combination of series;
- Changes in product design without having to change or modify existing tools;
- Short delivery times;


The Laser has a workable area of 900*1250mm and can cut any type of tape with the exception of PVC tapes. To produce your die cuts we will need to receive your 1:1 drawing in both .DXF and .PDF file formats. If needed we can lay out your drawing in Autocad to produce these formats. Every tape is layed out as a sheet with silicon paper covering both sides. An agreement can be made to have your die cuts delivered either bagged or stacked. We have an assortment of VHB tapes and transfer tapes varying both in thickness as well as width which allows us to provide a fast change in product.


As traditional die cutting is more appealing with larger quantities, we will notify you pro-actively if this is the case. Either way, we will discuss the possibilities together with you.





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