Biologically degradable paper packaging tape


With our water activated paper tapes we are proud to offer our clients with an environmentally friendly alternative to the widely used PP and PVC packaging tapes. The natural glue is extracted from patato starch. By adding water to the paper tape, which acts as an activator, and dispensing it onto your packaging material you create a dustproof adhesive solution. Your clients receive a neatly closed package of which unauthorized opening of the package is directly noticeable. This tape can be dispensed manually or automated. It is also possible to have your message or logo printed onto the tape.


If requested, we can also help in purchasing machines to either partially or fully automate your packaging process. There is also the possibility to have boxes cut to size, hence removing the need for filling agents and reducing the volume of your packages. This provides the advantage of being able to refrain from having multiple sized boxes your order pickers have to choose from. Your picks per hour increase, no need for filling agents and a decrease in transport volume. A great way to keep costs down with airfreight, as this is crucial for the price. Costs towards road and rail freight also decrease.





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