Afta is a 3M distributor and can offer you the entire 3M VHB tapes (Very High Bond tapes). Equal or different materials such as metals, wood, glass, high energetic plastics and aluminium enjoy a perfect bond.  Bonds with VHB tape are invisible, durable and very strong. Applicable forces are distributed over the entire surface area which prevents point to point pressures. 

VHB tapes have the following attributes:

  • Excellent temperature, weather and moisture resilience
  • Resistance against chemicals
  • Resistance for aging and plasticizing agents
  • Can handle static, dynamic, short- and longterm pressures
  • Distributes and minimizes mechanical tension when permanently sealed


We will be glad to advise you about your choice of VHB application as besides the bonding of the specific materials other things must be considered, such as the coefficiency of expansion.





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