Hook & Loop and Dual Lock systems

If a bond requires it to be moved, a 3M resealable system will be the way to go. The adhesive layer ensures the bond stays adhered to the materials whilst the hook and loop systems allow two materials to be torn apart and replaced. The entire system offers great flexibility. The clear version also ensures less visibility when temporarily uncovered. The tapes can be shaped to your exact wishes.


3M™Dual Lock™ is a uniquely strong resealable system based on the use of 3M VHB tapes. Very usefull for strong bonds which require time, mechanical tension and can withstand chemical aggression. Hundreds of mushroom shaped pods click together to provide a resealable and hidden bond which is up to five times stronger than other systems and can withstand multiple seals. These attributes make this type of system perfect for applications such as road signage, advertisement & promotional equipment and shop assisted products which constantly change.



3M™ Thin Dual Lock is the newest form of Dual Lock-bonding systems. This product works as ideally as its larger brother however the mushroom pods are smaller, giving this product the ability to produce thinner bonds and thus provide a lower profile.


For lesser bonds, such as bonding flexible materials for textile protection or cushions, 3M™ Scotchmate™ Hook and Loop systems are ideal.





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